2024 Futsal Tournament

Croatia SC Vancouver is proud to be hosting the futsal tournament this year at the Croatian Cultural Center as part of Croatia Days.

Date + Time

Saturday June 15
3:00 PM – 9:00 PM


8 teams:
  • 4 Masters Teams (40+)
  • 4 Open Teams
Round Robin Group Play
2 Trophies and Finals

Game Format

Games are scheduled to begin every 15mins:
  • 2 x 6 min halfs
  • 1 min halftime
  • 2 mins to switch between games
Each team consists of 5 players (3 on the field and 2 subs); NO goalies (sub on the fly)
All players MUST provide valid ID and sign-in at the registration table; NO player is permitted on the field of play without signing a liability waiver

Game Rules

Goals can only be scored in the opponent’s zone (player must cross center).
After a goal is scored, play resumes from the net where the goal was scored. The scoring team must retreat to their own half.
  • NO off-sides
  • NO tackling
  • NO sliding to stop a goal. In this case, a goal will automatically be awarded
  • NO entering the goal crease to stop a goal. In this case, if the defending team is caught doing this, the opposing team will be awarded a goal. Note: A 3 feet area around the crease will be taped off as a no go zone. In the case if the ball enters the crease area before any player, players from either team are allowed to engage the ball on the play.
If the referee determines a foul in the attacking zone, then a PK may be awarded to the opposing team.
Foul language of any kind will NOT be tolerated (this is a family friendly event).
NO throw-ins; The ball will be kicked in from out of bounds.
Opposing players must allow 3ft distance from kicker of an out of bounds kick.
Sub on the fly.
  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a tie
If a team is not prepared to play for whatever reason at the scheduled time, the other team will be awarded 3 points for the win.
Tie breakers for group stage winners will be determined as follows:
  1. Best goal differential
  2. Highest total goals for
  3. If required, penalty shots will determine the group winner
In case of a tie in the semi-finals or finals, the teams will immediately go to penalty kicks.
Penalty Kicks:
  • Kicks will be taken from a team’s own goal line into the opposing team’s open net
  • Kicks will begin with 3 kickers from each team then move to sudden death 1 for 1 kicks

Register Now

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