Futsal Tournament

Part of Croatia Days 2023
Croatia SC Vancouver is proud to be hosting the futsal tournament this year at the Croatian Cultural Center as part of Croatia Days.

Date + Time

Friday June 16
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday June 17
3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Game Format

Games are scheduled to begin every 15mins:
  • 2 x 6 min halfs
  • 1 min halftime
  • 2 mins to switch between games
Each team consists of 5 players (3 on the field and 2 subs); NO goalies (sub on the fly)
All players MUST provide valid ID and sign-in at the registration table; NO player is permitted on the field of play without signing a liability waiver

Game Rules

Goals can only be scored in the opponent’s zone (player must cross center).
After a goal is scored, play resumes from the net where the goal was scored. The scoring team must retreat to their own half.
  • NO off-sides
  • NO tackling
  • NO sliding to stop a goal. In this case, a goal will automatically be awarded
  • NO entering the goal crease to stop a goal. In this case, if the defending team is caught doing this, the opposing team will be awarded a goal. Note: A 3 feet area around the crease will be taped off as a no go zone. In the case if the ball enters the crease area before any player, players from either team are allowed to engage the ball on the play.
If the referee determines a foul in the attacking zone, then a PK may be awarded to the opposing team.
Foul language of any kind will NOT be tolerated (this is a family friendly event).
NO throw-ins; The ball will be kicked in from out of bounds.
Opposing players must allow 3ft distance from kicker of an out of bounds kick.
Sub on the fly.
  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a tie
If a team is not prepared to play for whatever reason at the scheduled time, the other team will be awarded 3 points for the win.
Tie breakers for group stage winners will be determined as follows:
  1. Best goal differential
  2. Highest total goals for
  3. If required, penalty shots will determine the group winner
In case of a tie in the semi-finals or finals, the teams will immediately go to penalty kicks.
Penalty Kicks:
  • Kicks will be taken from a team’s own goal line into the opposing team’s open net
  • Kicks will begin with 3 kickers from each team then move to sudden death 1 for 1 kicks

Register Your Team

Pay the $150 registration fee below to hold your spot.