World Cup

Join the Croatia SC pool and get tickets to watch games at the Croatian Cultural Centre
Watch the games on the big screen at the Croatian Cultural Centre.

Use code 'GoCroatiaSC' at checkout for 20% off your ticket. A portion of the revenue generated from your ticket sale with this code will go towards supporting our programs.

Join our 2022 World Cup Pool

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    Click the button below to pay the $50 fee.

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    Pick Em

    Once registered, you'll be sent a link to join the pool. Make your picks before the start of each game.

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    Rank Em

    Assign a confidence ranking next to each pick. If you are very confident, give it a high ranking (e.g. 48). If you are correct, you will get 48 points. If you are not confident, give it a low ranking (e.g. 1). If you are wrong, you will get 0 points.

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    Claim your Winnings

    First place gets 50% of the funds. Second and third each get 10%. The remaining 30% will go towards Croatia SC.

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