Juniors Spring 2017 Program


Pre-Registration for the Croatia SC Juniors Spring Program is now open.   Sign-up by going to the registration link below.

Pre-Registration Form

What happens after I ‘pre-register’?

  • After the pre-reigistration closes on March 10th we will form teams the teams around age groups.
  • We are targetting notifying everyone of what teams have been formed shortly after that.

When does the Spring Program run?

  • March to mid-June.   Exact dates are yet to be determined.

When are trainings and games during the week?

  • This will vary team-by-team.
  • Last year we ran trainings on Thursdays.
  • There is significant interest from parents for 2 x week trainings.  This will be determined team-by-team.
  • Games for boys are Saturdays.
  • Games for girls are Sundays.

Do I have to pay anything now?

  • No. There will be an official ‘Registration’ process once the teams are formed.

How much will it cost?

  • We haven’t determined the registration fee yet.
  • This is a non-profit program so the registration fee will cover expenses for the team including equipment, uniforms, field rentals and league fees.

What ages can play?

  • Players born between 2012 and 2001.   (U5 to U16)

What league will they play in?

  • To be determined.

Where are the trainings and games?

  • We requested training fields in North Burnaby.

Do we have to be Croatian?

  • No.  We have many non-Croatian players.

How can I help?

  • Firstly, forward a link to this page to anybody who you think might be interested in playing.   Especially to families who have kids the same age as you.
  • On the sign-up form, volunteer for one of these roles:
    • as a coach or assistant coach.
    • as a team manager or assistant manager.
    • as a Croatia SC Juniors program coordinator.

How do I sign-up?

I have more questions.  How do I get them answered?